DIY Cocktail Mixers

DIY Cocktail Mixers

Presented by Fine Cooking

Why buy grenadine, flavored simple syrups, specialty sodas, or other premium cocktail ingredients when making your own is easy, fun and tastes better? Three of San Francisco’s top cocktail experts, including Camper English of, will share their tips for making cocktail mixers at home, as well as demonstrate some of the delicious drinks you can use them in. They’ll divulge their secrets for infused spirits and liqueurs (like vanilla-fig tequila), flavored syrups (including ginger syrup and wine reductions), homemade sodas, tonic water and more. Fine Cooking’s Senior Editor, Denise Mickelsen, will moderate. Guests will leave with a booklet of recipes so they can recreate what they’ve learned at home.

Saturday, August 3rd @ 11:30 a.m.

Grand Hyatt

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