San Francisco Takeout Bingo




Join us on social media, January 21 – 31 for a game of virtual bingo!


You need to eat, and SF restaurants can’t wait to feed you. It’s a delicious match! Fill out your San Francisco Takeout Bingo board by ordering from SF restaurants that correspond with each square. Get BINGO, and you’ll be entered to win a selection of gift cards to San Francisco restaurants.




We’re calling on SF residents to help us save restaurants! We want you to order from your favorite restaurants as much as you can. Order from your favorites, and new ones, too. Takeout isn’t only for dinner. Start the day off right with a no-cooking-required breakfast, or upgrade your sad desk lunch.


What’s better than great food? Great food that helps keep your favorite restaurants open.


Order Directly From Restaurants


Did you know that most delivery companies charge restaurants a fee on each order higher than what they charge consumers?



We encourage you to pick up the phone (old school!) to place your order directly with the restaurant, and if you can, please go and pick it up yourself. This will save the restaurants the 15% commission fees they have to pay the delivery app companies. If you don’t want to use the phone, check if the restaurant you are ordering from has its own in-house online ordering. Bonus: You now have an excuse to get outside for a walk around the neighborhood!